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Youth are eligible to participate as Primary
members if they are 5 years old or in Kindergarten as of January 1st of the program year. Regular members must be at least 9 years old or in 4th grade by Jan 1st of the program year. Youth remain eligible for membership until the end of the calendar year in which they turn 19 years old.

Members are required to attend monthly general (business) meetings of the full club throughout the school year. These meetings usually occur on the 3rd Tuesday, September- June. Projects meet on a schedule set by the individual project's leader and members. Please check out our attendance policy.

Club By-Laws:
Our club By-Laws describe the job functions of our officers, adult leaders and how our club will run.

Projects: We have over 20 projects, from hobby crafts to applied arts to small and large animal projects. Club members sign up for projects at our October general meeting.

Projects are designed and lead by adult volunteers and meet on a schedule set by the individual project's leader and members. The 10 hours of required project time may be scheduled for 10 monthly hour-long meetings or may be concentrated (as with backpacking) into just a few long sessions. Large animal projects at our farm require a 3-month commitment during the Spring to feeding and cleaning (though we do share vacation duties!).

New primary members are encouraged to join a special Beginning 4-H project. Most projects, including those for small animals, are open to primary members. Large animal projects are restricted to regular members (9 and up), and some projects have other age limitations. Teens are encouraged to develop leadership skills in the Jr./Teen Leader project.

The Farm: Our club is fortunate to have a farm located in San Carlos, where members may raise animals (lambs, goats, pigs and poultry) during the Spring. These animals are owned by the individual members and are auctioned in June at the San Mateo County Fair.

The Fair: All members are encouraged to exhibit their crafts, displays, and animals at the San Mateo County Fair. The fair runs for 10 days each June and is the exciting culmination of our 4-H year.

Registration and Fees: Registration occurs at our September and October club meetings. A fee of $85 per member covers yearly club dues, county 4-H fees, and insurance.

Uniforms: Although there is no official California 4-H uniform, the exhibition of animals at the San Mateo County Fair requires a traditional 4-H uniform. See San Carlos Eaton Hills 4-H Uniform and Uniform - Hat Badge Diagram for more information.

White jeans, White collared shirt, 4-H hat, 4-H tie or scarf

Club members are encouraged to purchase a club t-shirt, to be worn at various 4-H and community events.

Record Keeping: All 4-H members are encouraged to keep a 4-H Record Book. Accounts of projects and the story of your 4-H experiences are added each year. Cumulative achievement is recognized with the awarding of star rankings. Over the years, your Record Book becomes a priceless record of growth and achievement.

Record-Book Forms: You will find record-book forms at the California
4-H website. Here is the path:

  1. Go to http://www.ca4h.org
  2. Click "4-H resources" sidebar
  3. Click "Electronic 4-H Forms"
  4. Scroll to # 4H 1071 "Personal Development Form" and # 4H 1070 "4H  Annual Report Form" (Project Report Form)
  5. If a Password box pops up,just click "Cancel"
  6. Choose "Word" or PDF" format. If you choose "Word," you can type right onto the document, save, and print.

We will sell record-book covers at our meetings near the end of the school year. If you are unfamiliar with these forms----don't panic! We will help you fill them out. This website has a lot of other helpful information and materials---everything from a link to the County website to 4-H clip art. Take a look!

Fund Raising: All 4-H families are expected to participate in our annual fundraising events:

1) San Carlos Hometown Days (May): We count on families to help staff a cookie/lemonade booth, an instant raffle, and a petting zoo. 
2) San Mateo County Fair (June): We count on families to help sell Pen-Pride tickets and to bake cakes and staff our half day at the Cake Booth.
3) Lion's Club (1-2 times a year): We count on families to help staff Fundraising events run by the San Carlos Lion's Club, who generously share with us a part of their proceeds.

Communication: A newsletter is e-mailed prior to each monthly general meeting to all member families. Contact numbers for specific questions are found in the newsletter. A current member directory and a yearly calendar are also e-mailed to club families. (We will send these items by regular mail to those without electronic addresses.)

4-H Pledge:

I pledge
My Head to clearer thinking,
My Heart to greater loyalty
My Hands to larger service,
My Health to better living,
For my club, my community, my country, and my world.

Club Calendar: click here for calendar page

Contact: Call (650)867-9773 and leave your name, address, and e-mail (please speak clearly), and we will contact you shortly.

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