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Mark Gibson
Sharpens Clipper Blades, Scissors and Knives.
Call (650) 704-3181
San Carlos Eaton Hills 4-H Yahoo Group
San Carlos Eaton Hills 4-H Uniform
Uniform - Hat Badge Diagram-photo of 4H hat with badge placement
The 4-H Mall - All things 4-H
State Website
San Mateo County Website
National Website - 4H name and emblem, history, resources and more
San Carlos Eaton Hills 4H Expense and Reimbursement Form
UC Davis 4H resources
4H Record Book Resources - includes record book forms to download
Livestock Management and Supervision Form
Our Club Record Book Helper includes ideas and more!
4-H Waiver Of Liability Form
4-H Youth Medical Release Form
4-H Code of Conduct Form
Demonstration Verification Form
San Mateo County Fair
California State Fair Website
Pacific Showcase - A Magazine for Junior Showmen West of the Rockies
Sydell - Sheep and Goat Products
Sheepman Supplies - Sheep, Goat, Swine and more Products
Jeffers - Livestock Supplies
QC Supplies - Everything for the Farm and Farmer
Hoegger - Goat Supplies
Sullivan Supply - Livestock Grooming Supplies
Valley Vet Supply - Medicines, Tools and Clothes
4-H Photo Collections
Farm Open House 2024
New Member Breakfast 2023
New Member Breakfast 2022
San Carlos Hometown Days 2022
New Member Breakfast 2021
Fair Auction June 2021
Caroling Dec. 2019
New Member Breakfast 2019
Fair News Day 9, June 16 2019
Fair News Day 8, June 15 2019
Fair News Day 7, June 14 2019
Fair News Day 6, June 13 2019
Fair News Day 5, June 12 2019
Fair News Day 4, June 11 2019
Fair News Day 3, June 10 2019
Fair News Day 2, June 9 2019
Fair News Day 1, June 8 2019
Lions Club Tri-Tip Dinner 2018
New Member Breakfast 2018
San Mateo County Fair Auction June 2018
Animal Field Day 2018
Farm Clean-up Feb 2018
San Mateo County Fair Auction June 2017
4H General Meeting May 2017
4H Bee Keeping May 2017
4H Pot Luck 2017
4H Crafting Project Feb 2017
4H Bee Keeping Project Feb 2017
4H Sewing Project Nov 2016
4H Lamb Project Jan 2017
New Member Breakfast 2016
Project Sign-up Meeting 2016
Lions Club Tri-Tip Dinner 2016
San Carlos Hometown Days 2016
4H Lambs 2016
4H Pigs 2016
4H Goats 2016
4H Poultry 2016
San Mateo County Fair 2016
4-H Fair Auction 2016
Beginning 4-H Project 2016
2016 4-H Backpacking Butano State Park
Farm Cleanup 2016
Lambs and Goats 2016
Presentation Day 2016
Christmas Caroling 2015
Farm Clean-up November 2015
New Member Breakfast 2015
San Carlos Hometown Days 2015
New Member Breakfast 2014
November 2014 General Meeting
San Carlos Hometown Days 2014
New Member Breakfast 2013
Lions Club Tri-Tip Dinner 2013
San Mateo County Fair 2013
San Carlos Hometown Days 2013
Backpacking Trip 2013
Lamb Project Surgery Meeting 2013
New Member Breakfast 2012
4H County Awards Event 2012
UCD Field Day Winners 2012
Cake Booth 2012
Over The Hill Showmanship 2012
Fair Auction 2012
San Carlos Hometown Days 2012
Capture The Flag - Apr 2012
Animal Check In - Apr 2012
Tree Planting at Flood Park - Jan 2012
Lamb Project Field Trip - Dec 2011
New Member Breakfast 2011
Farm Clean-up October 2011
Menlo Park City Council Meeting 2011
Flood Park Clean-up 2011
Fair Auction 2011
Master Showmanship 2011
San Mateo County Fair 2011
Lamb Show 2011
Steer Show 2011
San Carlos Hometown Days 2011
4H Duct Tape Pig Project 2011
4H Duct Tape Project
Farm Work and Eric's Birthday
Presentation Day Feb,2011
Moving Rocks 2011
New Member Breakfast 2010
Farm Rebuilding 3
Farm Rebuilding 2
Farm Rebuilding
4-H BBQ and Recognition 2010
Pics and Video of 4H Farm Club House coming down.
Video of 4H Farm Club House coming down.
San Carlos Eaton Hills 4H at the Fair Auction 2010
Cbs 5 Flyover Video Link
San Carlos Hometown Days 2010
Pigs Arriving at the San Bruno Farm 2010
New Member Breakfast 2009
Junior Teen Leader Retreat 2009
Farm Clean-up Oct 2009
San Mateo County Fair 2009
4-H Goes to City Hall
4-H BBQ and Recognition 2009
Elections, Pizza and Bingo 2009
San Carlos Hometown Days 2009
Redwood Hill Goat Farm
Freedom Meat Tour 2009
Beginning 4H Meeting 2008
New Member Breakfast 2008
4-H BBQ and Recognition 2008
San Carlos Hometown Days 2008
Farm Clean-up April 2008
Christmas Caroling 2007
New Member Breakfast 2007
Farm Clean-up Oct 2007
San Mateo County Fair 2007
4-H BBQ and Recognition 2007
Spring 2007 Farm Clean-up
Cookie Judging April 2007
San Carlos Hometown Days 2007
Steers First Day at the Farm Oct 2006
Buying Steers Oct 2006
Lions Club Tri-tip Dinner October 2006
Fall 2006 Farm Clean-up
New Member Breakfast 2006
4-H Fair Check-In Day 2006
San Carlos Hometown Days 2006
4-H BBQ and Recognition 2005
4-H Lambs August 2005
Picking up 4H Lambs August 2005
San Carlos Hometown Days 2005
Project Sign-up and Halloween 2005
Farm Clean-up 2004
Other San Mateo County 4-H Clubs
Club NameMeeting LocationDate and Time
Central Elementary School
525 Middle Rd
2nd Tuesday
Burlingame/San Mateo Crystal Springs Farm
Crystal Springs Rd
San Mateo
1st Thursday
Canada Messiah Lutheran Church
1835 Valota Rd
Redwood City
2nd Thursday
Half Moon Bay Farm Bureau Boardroom
765 Main St
Half Moon Bay
1st Wednesday
Pacifica Ingrid B. Lacy School
1427 Palmetto Avenue
1st Wednesday
San Bruno/So. San Francisco Belle Air Elementary
450 Third Ave
San Bruno
2nd Wednesday
San Mateo Park 4-H 3rd Tuesday

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