San Carlos-Eaton Hills 4-H Club
Attendance Policy

Voted on May 9,2001

  1. 80% attendance at the general meetings is needed to raise an animal for fair or to obtain a star rank.
  2. An excused absence will not count against the 80% calculation.
    1. Excused absences include illness, religious commitments, or mandatory school activities (one-time meeting, school play, or concert). Other excuses may be presented to the steering committee for authorization.
    2. Bring a note to the club secretary the month before or after the excused absence so it can be recorded.
    3. Homework and social school activities are examples of non-excused absences.

  3. If you will have to leave early or arrive late on a regular basis, please provide a note of explaination to the club secretary. You can still receive credit for attendance, but more than 2 late arrivals or early departures will disqualify you from earning a 100% participation pin.
  4. You are responsible to find out what you missed at the general meetings.
  5. You are encouraged to make-up the missed meeting with community service time; volunteering at schools or special-needs program, or representing the club at Lion's Club activities, Hometown Days, and the San Mateo County Fair (auction, cake booth, Redwood Hall attendant and Pen Pride).
  6. 100% attendance is determined by attending all of the general meetings for the majority of each meeting. Arriving late or leaving early more than twice will disqualify you from earning the 100% pin.

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